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Welcome to our web site, which features our book on the inner world of dreams and visions: THE ANCIENT MUSEUM OF DREAM, Discoveries of a Dream-Artist, by Clyde Anthony and Carolyn Frances, with Rajj, all featured on this web site.

"Rajj is a messenger to and from the Dream-Source, which exists in the Human body, the spirit, and beyond; our connection with the Universe."

Excerpts From Our Book: (Rajj's words)

" . . . Dreams are the vision of the spirit, creating an overpath to journey, on realms of created internal life, where words go beyond words and meaning goes beyond meaning.

"The language of Dream is pure vision, going beyond vision very quickly, through a landscape of nerves, communicating with the body-life-form.

"And translates and decides, the process a back and forth commitment."

                                                               *     *     *

"The purpose of your life is to understand dreams, to create waking reality, and to create from dreams' perspective. Explore, discover, experience, search, define with the voice of words. And see the forms of texture, color, mass and line, as the experience greets and circles the waking reality.

"The dream-experience becomes a tool for the Human creative continuum. Voices become forms, become colors, become sounds, become questions, become the open reality of awake.

"What do you see now? How does it change within you? Dream-reality, and your perception of it, is always changing, illusive, from mass, to transparent, to transforming, to transporting. This is all within the personal life, within the personal confinement of Human's body-being. To create is a choice, to process is a choice, Dream is always there."